About Me

I was born in the late ’60’s on Long Beach Island, the third son of Tom and Ginny Tatlow. In second grade, we were given a music lesson on recorder and I soon asked for a clarinet for Christmas so I could play in the concert band. I walked on stage in the fall of 1974, and knew that music would be a constant in my life. I stayed with the clarinet until Jr. High School, when my music director asked if I wanted to switch to bass guitar to fill a spot in the jazz band. I jumped at the chance, having recently had my first guitar lesson with my cousin. It turned out that they were grooming me to become the bass player for the Southern Regional High School Marching Band. In Sept. 1981 I became one of the first electric bass players in New Jersey to play in a marching band. In 1984 I won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Award, and graduated high school with 6 years of concert band, 4 years of jazz, and 2 years of orchestra experience. In 1989, I joined Jimmy Carrizzma and the Spiders, a traveling oldies band. I was the youngest member of the band, and listened intently to the lessons of my more seasoned band mates. Between 1989-1999 I played nearly 950 gigs with 5 different bands, and had enough original material to go into the studio for the first time. “Beach Haven Huey” was released in 2001, and my love for the studio never left. In March 2003, I began playing bass with The Jody Joseph band, a position I held for 12 years, enjoying many great gigs including the Stone Pony and large stage productions in the tri-state area. I have also taken on the roles of musical director, chart writer, guitar and bass teacher, Pro Tools studio engineer, producer, stage technician, and live sound engineer. Currently I am doing live performances with Bell Bottom Blues, The Fredstones, Peanut Butter Bridges, and Karen Mansfield. I continue to play, write, engineer and produce while passing on my 39 years of experience and love of music to my students.

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