Studio Recordings

My love of the studio began in 1999, when I started recording my first EP, “Beach Haven Huey”, with studio owner Chris Riegel and producer Steve “Dog” Monell. I began my engineering career at Queen’s Garden Studio in 2007, and have engineered, co-produced, and performed guitar, bass, keys and backing vocals for over 30 clients, including JD Fortune, Corey Wagar, Devil’s Holiday, Charlie Matson, Taylor Tote, Ashling McGuinness, Colt Kayser, Nick Piescor, Meghan Cannon, and Sabrina Palozzolo and more..

Please sample some of the music below!


Higher Ground- Erin Ober

Jane – Taylor Tote

Right Now – Sabrina Palazzolo

You’re The One – Sabrina Palazzolo

Devil’s Holiday – Devil’s Holiday

Train Wreck – Devil’s Holiday

One More Chance – Charlie Matson

You Didn’t Want To – Charlie Matson

Mama Don’t Treat Your Son so Mean – Nick Piescor

Adolescent Blues – Nick Piescor

Get in Line – Meghan Cannon

The Bird Song – Meghan Cannon



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